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Open access to software derived from AI research.
For developers and not developers.
An easy-to-use graphical user interface, an essential work tool to ease your transition to AI.

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Offers a global vision of the academic IA ecosystem.
Identifies software and expertise from AI research.
Allows you to simply find the expertise and technologies …

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Training around AI

An AI for everyone through our training.
Prepare the transition to AI.
From theory to the use of software. Initiation or improvement to methods and tools of AI.

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Advice and support

Creator of bridges to research in IA, PostLab supports you in your processes of R & D, technology sourcing and partnerships.

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Multiword expressions toolkit is a tool that facilitates the identification of polylexical expressions, such as idiomatic expressions (“break his pipe”), locutional verbs (“visit”, “lose footing”, “take off”, “give up “), within large quantities of texts regardless of the language used.

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Alternative communication platform

The PCA is a communication aid software for people whose speech is difficult or impossible, and whose motor skills are reduced. A few interactions are enough to compose a message, whatever it is.

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Bonsai is a complete chain of statistical dependency analysis for French, based on machine learning from French Treebank.

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Wapiti is a tool that uses discriminating models to segment and label sequences very quickly. It is based on MaxEnt models, Maximum Entropy Markov Model and Conditional Random Fields (CRF) linear strings.

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SPPAS is a scientific computer software, for automatic annotation and analysis of speech. It is developed daily in order to be robust and reliable software.

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Trend analysis and text mining software: quantify the text!

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TRAINING: From initiation to development

You want to familiarize yourself or deepen your knowledge of AI.

PostLab provides training in AI methods and techniques and / or the use of platform software in an optimal way.

Our courses are for you, whether you are a researcher, teacher, entrepreneur, independent professional, employee …

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