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Collaborative AI Lab

PostLab is currently working on an artificial intelligence software platform (AI). It aims to facilitate and foster the use of software created by Academic researchers. Another key feature will be bringing to the forefront the expertise and knowledge developed by those very researchers creating AI software. PostLab’s purpose is therefore to target both experts and non-experts so as to bring together users and developers from Academic-based institutions, civil society and companies.

Making AI sofwares from academic research available to potential users.

Advising and guiding users toward the best suited technologies and tools.

Learn AI techniques from beginners to advanced.

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AI Software Catalog


Multiword expressions toolkit is a tool that aids in the automatic identification of multiword units such as idiomatic expressions (‘kick the bucket’) and phrasal verbs (‘take off’, ‘give up’) in large text bases, independently of the language.




Bonsai is a complete chain of statistical dependency analysis for French. It uses a Machine Learning process based on the French Treebank.


Plateforme de



PCA is a communication software intended for people with speech impairments or total loss of speech, that may be combined with reduced motor skills. PCA requires only very little interactions to create a message, regardless of its content.



Wapiti is a very fast toolkit for segmenting and labeling sequences with discriminative models. It is based on maxent models, maximum entropy Markov models and linear-chain CRF.



Trend analysis and text mining software : quantifying your text made easy!




SPPAS – The automatic annotation and analyses of speech, is a scientific computer software tool, developed on a day to day basis so as to ensure it is a robust and reliable software.

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AI Learning

We offer courses to those wanting to learn more about Artificial Intelligence tools developed within Academia. Our training programmes will build on a solid understanding and mastering of these tools, as well as transferring the required knowledge and skills to successfully run them.  Taught by  teachers from the Academic world, our classes are designed for users who seek to integrate those working methods in their own environments and projects.

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