AI platform

Shining a light on software developed by AI research teams 

We offer a broad-range catalogue to host, reference and document AI software sourced from research laboratories. We work hand in hand with the researchers who created those software tools, to  provide a comprehensive user experience to the wider public.

Making AI available to all

Facilitating the use of AI software and tools, regardless of your user level or area of expertise, be it for professional or personal use. Also, we care about keeping the membership system cost-effective so it may cater to different budgets and needs, whether you’re coming from large corporations, the academic world, are a student or working independently.

An easy-to-use and intuitive interface

Our user-friendly interface, designed for developers and non-developers alike, provides a wealth of online AI tools via a complete service platform (PaaS). You can benefit from our platform’s optimal configuration to get AI software up and running within minutes.

Increasing the effective sharing and resource pooling of AI software 

We provide a consistent development environment using different building blocks, thus supporting use, reuse and sharing of existing software. The approach offers a simplified usability and user interface standpoint, ensuring  the software is supported by all usability requirements.

Supporting and advancing research

Ensuring sustainability of software material developed by research communities as they are archived, maintained and kept functional in the long run. Enabling researchers to benefit from other laboratories’ advances,  as well as enhancing their impact.


Each tool supported on our platform can help you solve or begin to solve an issue in a unique, unprecedented way. The selected software offers a no-nonsense approach to AI processes, are fine tuned over the years by researchers and designed to solve complex questions in various fields.

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