Disseminate the outcomes of your research on a large scale

Share your knowledge and software to make it accessible to as many people as possible.
Save time for your own research by relying on other academic software.

PostLab's offer

Integration of your software online
PostLab takes care of the integration and the online publishing of your software on its platform, for access in SaaS mode. The Platform opens access to your software, in command line (for developers) and via a graphical interface (for non-developers). You wish to integrate your software, contact us.
Data gathering
PostLab allows you to reach your end users and offer them the possibility to contribute to your research, through the creation and sharing of data. Tool up your data collection in complete transparency and security to make your software and research work evolve. Want to know more?
Referencing of your research work and teams
In order to ease the access to software developments and expertise of AI researchers, PostLab is developing a cartography of the academic AI ecosystem. You want to reference your software, team and laboratory, contact us…..

Why choose PostLab?

Visibility and Influence

Promote the visibility of your research and software development work, as well as the influence of your teams and laboratories beyond your academic community.


Carry out a survey on academic AI software.

Access existing software developed by other AI researchers.

Knowledge sharing and transfer

Write and publish articles on our website, propose training courses around your research topics or on your software, share your expertise through consulting.

New sources of funding

Setting up a virtuous circle allowing laboratories to access new sources of revenue through training and consulting, the promotion of their software, or through collaboration and partnerships …

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