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By creating a portal for academic research in AI, PostLab has developed tools that serve multiple interests, from the academic sphere.

Software developed, disseminated, shared and shared, can benefit very different fields of discipline.

the Platform offers expert access (for coders) and non-expert access via a graphical interface (for non-coders).

Do not develop technologies that already exist.
Save time to focus on your own research using our platform.

Why choose PostLab?


Make your lab, team and research visible beyond your academic circle.

IT monitoring

Keep a watch on technological progress.

Software integration on the platform

Centralize and share your knowledge and your software to make them accessible to the greatest number.
PostLab takes care of putting your software online and integrating them on its platform.
You want to integrate your software, contact us …..

Sharing and knowledge transfer
Training and advice

Write and publish articles on our site, offer training around your research themes or your software, share your expertise via advice.

New financial windfall

Provide a source of revenue for laboratories wishing to offer training and consulting, or through software licenses, collaborations and partnerships ….

Devenez Partenaire
Saving time, saving money and efficiency

Access existing software developed by other researchers.


Contribute to the progress of research in the scientific community with our collaborative tools.

Accédez à la Plateforme
Data gathering

Collect data transparently and securely to evolve your software and research.

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