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MultiTAL is an expert platform for Natural Language Processing (NLP), a sub-discipline of artificial intelligence. This platform is focused on Oriental languages and other poorly endowed languages in general. MultiTAL references and documents a selection of NLP tools that have been tested and documented by INALCO’s ERTIM team (“Text, Computing and Multilingualism” research center).

MultiTAL allows you to quickly identify and install a tool based on multiple criteria (task, language, system, method, etc.).
For each tool, a standardized multilingual documentation describing its installation and execution is generated automatically.

The documentation follows a standardized protocol that is independent of the authors’ documentation and can be generated in multiple languages. The platform is updated regularly. In addition to being available online, an ontology describing the different tools can be queried using a SPARQL endpoint.

The project was funded by the USPC and is supported by the ERTIM of INALCO. For any information, question or suggestion, contact the ERTIM team.

Contributors :

Karim Daflaoui ( Arabic)
Satenik Mkhitaryan (Russian, Hindi) Catherine Thomas (Chinese)
Mathilde Poulain (Japanese) Léon-Paul Schaub (Japanese) Tashi Kyi ( Tibetan)

Protocol of documentation: Satenik Mkhitaryan
Modelling and development of the ontology – generation of multilingual documentations: Driss Sadoun
Web interface and database: Adrien Fanet

Scientific consultants: Jean-Michel Daube, Marie-Anne Moreaux, Damien Nouvel, François Stuck

Scientific person in charge: Mathieu Valette

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