“And you, are you for or against Artificial Intelligence? “

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“And you, are you for or against Artificial Intelligence? “

Since I started to get interested and during my years of research, I was asked different questions about artificial intelligence “What is it? It’s used for ? What are you looking for in labs? … ” The latest and the title “And you, are you for or against Artificial Intelligence? “Particularly appealed to me. It must be admitted that it can be disconcerting for a researcher to be asked whether he is for or against his discipline. “Oh, you’re a physics researcher. And are you for or against physics? ”

This is close to another current issue that has been asked me recently.

Q: “Are you for or against yellow vests? “.

A: “Ben, it’s rather useful to signal his presence on a road frequented by cars. On the other hand, yellow is not my color. ”

This type of question is waiting for a binary answer, for a problem that is not. This is obviously the dream of any computer that respects itself to reduce a complex problem to a binary response. Humans will agree that solutions to social issues should not be binary. Unfortunately, we sometimes persist in waiting for a quick and simple answer to a subject, on which the common good is to linger.

Q: “Genetics, are you for or against? ”

A: “I am for, as long as it respects my ethics and against when it does not respect it. ”

Q: “Oh yes, I too think like you! Uh wait, what’s your ethics? ”

Our interest in a subject depends a lot on the impact it can have on us. This must be one of the reasons why many people are interested in AI. The AI ​​is primarily a field of research. Like computer science, it is transversal. That is to say that it could be brought to concern practically all the trades or fields (in comment you can try to quote a profession to which the IA could not bring solutions in the future.). So everyone is concerned. Moreover, the media, the GAFAM and the national strategies remind us quite often. Just like digital, it’s going fast and the technologies that emerge from it are impacting us every day more and more. In our modes of work, consumption, exchange, societal choices and even in our comforters (ndlr smartphone in English) who accompany us, follow us or hunt us, wherever we go.

Q: “By the way, what’s the point of sharing his position on his smartphone? ”

A: “Your friends can know where you are in real time. To end up in the city is convenient. Recently, it allowed a group to be rescued in the mountains. By cons, I have a jealous friend who uses it to flirt his girlfriend. ”

Q: “And so all the routes and places you’ve been to in the year are recorded somewhere?”

A: “Yes, on servers I suppose. ”

Q: “Can only your friends or contacts access it? ”

R: “That I do not know. Anyway, who else would it interest? ”

What is fascinating about new technologies is the speed with which society adopts them. What is scary is that there is rarely a record that comes with it. You know with the mentions, use, important, precaution, attention, avoid, do not use in case of

AI is neither good nor bad. It can be used in a good or bad way. It can be applied for good or bad reasons. That’s why before adopting one of its technologies it is essential to understand how it can serve or serve.

This intelligence, which is called artificial, born directly from human intelligence. The fruit and usufruct of this intelligence depend on ethics and deontology, on those who create them, and on those who use them.

AI is based on a body of human knowledge that creates innovations that generate enthusiasm and / or concern. “Am I, for or against, the innovations of AI?” It depends, I am for those who are used to the early detection of diseases and to better support the frail people, to assist the human in daunting tasks, painful or dangerous, to reduce our energy borrowing and to better organize our transport, to fight against exclusion and precariousness.

I am against lethal autonomous weapons, against the analysis of behaviors for political, social or commercial manipulation, against its use when it recreates human biases or intensifies the social gap.

Above all, I am against the control of AI by a minority, as has been the case with previous industrial revolutions.

I am for a society prepared for the challenges of AI. A society able to appropriate and understand it. This supposes going beyond a passive use. To give the means to everyone to better understand what these technologies have to offer us, and especially what they can deprive us. To know what should excite us and what should worry us. Only a broad understanding of what is and what AI allows, will provide the awareness of getting the best out of it for our societies.

Whatever science is: Science without consciousness is only ruin of the soul. (Pantagruel, Rabelais)

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