Logo MultiTAL

MultiTAL platform

MultiTAL is an expert platform for automatic language processing (TAL), a sub-discipline of artificial intelligence. This platform is focused on Oriental languages and / or poorly endowed....

Marseille Innovation Hotel Techno

PostLab enters Marseille Innovation

PostLab joins the technological hotel of the Marseille Innovation incubator, the largest incubator of innovative companies in PACA in accelerating innovative projects....

Conférence/ Débat sur l'IA

Artificial intelligence conference

On the occasion of the 5th edition of the Coworking week, Driss Sadoun, PostLab bearer, presented a lecture on the theme of Artificial Intelligence, in which he deals with the different forms of Artificial Intelligence and the new modes working....

Mois de L'IA logo

Open AI workshop

As part of the IA month, AI research is coming out of the labs! Entrepreneurs, coders, curious with or without AI experience, take part in this exceptional workshop and discover software derived from research....

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