The bridge between the world and AI research

You are a public or private organization, a company, a start up, an entrepreneur, an independent professional or an employee, our main ambition is to create bridges between your activities and the world of Artificial Intelligence.

We support your R&D processes through audit, analysis and consulting, sourcing of existing technologies or partnerships with the most relevant experts/researchers for your innovative projects.

We help you prepare the transition of your business to AI, to simplify your work and change your practices.

Our support is tailored to your needs, we are at your disposal to answer your questions and advise you.

PostLab is approved CIR (Research Tax Credit) which can allow you to benefit from tax reductions.

Why choose PostLab?

Développement de solutions innovantes

Nous ferons l’audit de vos besoins, le lien avec le monde de la recherche et provoquons ainsi des synergies et des collaborations inattendues.

Boost de la compétitivité

Nous accompagnons les équipes R&D des entreprises et les besoins en innovation des start up pour sourcer les technologies et les laboratoires les plus pertinents.

Gain de temps

Rapidly develop an innovative product based on existing technologies.

Saving money

Access AI without going broke and without embarking on costly and uncertain developments.
PostLab’s experts help you source, purchase and use technologies and software that are already functional at an affordable cost.

Research tax credit

Benefit from tax reductions by working with academic labs.

Revolutionize your work methods

Do you have time-consuming, thankless and routine tasks?
Are you looking for multiple skills and new professional tools?
We help you find the most relevant tools for your business.

Optimization of work

PostLab allows you to simplify your work thanks to technological evolutions, to improve and develop your practices in order not to be overwhelmed.
We accompany you to find the optimal solutions to optimize and reduce your workload.

Task Automation

Provide new personalized services using automation.


You wish to be accompanied in a project involving AI?

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