AI transparent and secure

A circular economy for harvesting and sharing data

Sovereignty of our users to share their data

All users of our software will have the choice to share their data securely.

By giving their consent, they have the opportunity to:

  • Contribute to the development of the software (s) they use by agreeing to share their data with the research teams that develop it.
  • Participate in changing academic research by sharing their data with the academic world.
  • Allow all types of organizations to use them.

Collection and access to data

Data is needed for the evolution of software from research but also the development of new innovative technologies.

Data collection: For researchers wishing to collect data, PostLab gives laboratories / researchers / teams the opportunity to set up a data collection methodology for their software, integrate your software on our platform and benefit from the collection. Datas,

Access to data: PostLab’s ambition is to enable researchers, laboratories and other organizations to access the data collected with the informed consent of users.
This service is coming, if you have any needs or suggestions, send us your request.

Virtuous Circle of Data

There is a virtuous circle between software, users and data. The more users have a software, the more data is embedded and associated with it, the more efficient it will be, so it can have more users and so on.

Users of software on our platform have the opportunity to participate in this virtuous circle by sharing their data as they are used with the researchers who develop these programs.

This collection allows the evolution of software for the benefit of users and research.

A virtuous and durable circle created by the user for the user.

PostLab is committed to a transparent, secure process that respects confidentiality, privacy and intellectual property.