Highlighting the ongoing research done by Academics

Postlab’s purpose is to survey and map AI research expertise developed within Academia. We aim at highlighting the different areas of interests and research activities conducted in AI research labs.

 Bringing AI to all

Postlab aims at making AI accessible to all, whether you’re a well-seasoned expert or new to the field. In conjunction with our online AI tools, we can provide you with the following services:

  • provide you with a comprehensive and structural view of existing tools, so you may grasp the multiple facets of AI solutions and see how the questions being addressed may be an asset to you.


  • help you precisely determine your goals while looking realistically at AI’s strengths and challenges to assess whether it may satisfy your unique requirements and be incorporated in your overall strategy, and at what costs, in order to serve your transformational needs. Hence, we may also offer third-party advice, if needed, as you move towards a new AI action.

 Helping you find the right innovation and research partners

We offer to accompany all user types, from the public sector, industry or civil society, towards AI research teams so as to create fruitful, trusted and customised partnerships.

CIR agreement – 2018 to 2020


This agreement, obtained from the French authorities
enables our clients to apply for a research tax credit refund.

See the following link for more informations on CIR / Research Tax Credit MESR (Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche)