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From AI Labs to the World

By creating a portal for academic research in AI, PostLab has developed tools that serve multiple interests, from the academic sphere.

Software developed, disseminated, shared and shared, can benefit very different fields of discipline.

the Platform offers expert access (for coders) and non-expert access via a graphical interface (for non-coders).

Do not develop technologies that already exist.
Save time to focus on your own research using our platform.

Why choose PostLab?

IT monitoring

Have an overview of the existing in terms of teams and / or IA software.
Keep a watch on technological progress and learn about the progress of research in related fields.

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Equip your research

Our software is designed to be accessible and usable without technical knowledge and without installation.
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Time-saving trick and efficiency

Find appropriate software developed by other researchers and useful for your research.

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Collaborations and partnerships

PostLab supports you in finding collaborations, accessing a network of researchers able to analyze your results and create mixed projects.

Sharing and mutualization of data

Share and share your data transparently and securely.
You contribute to changing the research.

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