PostLab, more than a software platform

The essence of PostLab: missions and values

Lift the brakes to access the AI and lower the entry barrier

PostLab is the laboratory for sharing and pooling software derived from academic research in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Its goal is to make readily available the tools developed by researchers so that they can leave the laboratory and be accessible to the world.
Hence the name PostLab From AI Labs to the World.

Fruit of long and rigorous years of scientific research, software is most often known to a handful of researchers, or even dormant in hard drives laboratories.
Our desire is to reveal the potential of these tools to a wider audience.
Dissemination and use of software previously unpublished.

Technological advances open new perspectives for the use of knowledge and innovations from academic laboratories.
By creating bridges between laboratories and the outside world, we achieve 3 objectives:

Highlight the knowledge of AI researchers:
Valuing expertise and extracting knowledge from laboratories for the benefit of people from all walks of life, with different interests, needs and expectations.
The platform’s multilingual approach aims to reduce the linguistic digital divide, by including less used languages ​​and by favoring more users.
Make natural intelligence from accessible AI research labs:
Cartography refers to the unfathomable depth of creativity and knowledge developed in AI laboratories.
It provides an accurate and up-to-date picture of the AI ​​landscape, encompassing a broad spectrum of academic disciplines.
It is a commonplace that brings together the largest number of laboratories possible and provides the general public with a dynamic, collaborative and easily accessible tool.
It aims to make new users want to appropriate these software and enrich their (resources or experience) beyond their current knowledge.
Demystify AI and promote it in its broadest sense:
Highlight the broad range of areas, techniques and advances in research over the past decades and their critical role in a rapidly expanding digital world.
To arouse interest and curiosity and to simplify the notions in order to discover and / or rediscover a broader and often unknown concept.
We want to help people understand what is and can be AI, appreciate its benefits and interests and understand its limits beyond a simple fashion phenomenon and the blind race to innovation.

A virtuous ecosystem is possible

The PostLab platform builds and cultivates a virtuous circle that will benefit both users and researchers who develop AI.
Software and expertise are exported from laboratories in a practical and accessible way, thus addressing the experts and non-experts. The aim is to bring current users and developers closer to the academic world, to civil society, to businesses or others …

An upcycling that allows those seeking innovative solutions to access high value software and / or laboratories. This ecosystem brings together current developers and potential users looking for solutions. It serves the interests of researchers, and more broadly laboratories by creating positive cascading benefits for developers, higher education, businesses and users of all kinds.

To this is added an offer of expertise, advice and training services facilitating the transmission and use of scientific software.

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