The bridge between the world and AI research


From AI Labs to the World

By creating a portal on academic research in IA, PostLab has designed a dynamic and collaborative tool serving multiple interests, from the academic sphere.

Software is used in disciplinary fields different from those for which they were originally designed.

It’s about making the software and knowledge of AI labs accessible in one place.

Thus, teachers in AI or any other discipline can allow their students to appropriate the use of this software and thus grow to AI and its use in their future professions.

Gone are the days of TP with 90% of the time spent installing, configuring and running software on college computers and / or student laptops. All this lost time is past.
Our software runs online without installation or technical knowledge.

Why choose PostLab?

time-saving trick and efficiency

No more wasting time in software configurations during practical class.

Easy access and simplicity in use

Our software is designed to be accessible and usable without technical knowledge.
Search => Select => Use

Optimization of the practical class

Run software online. No installation or configuration required.

Exchange and sharing

For research professors: PostLab allows you to share with your students what you develop in the laboratory, to discuss your work by giving them access to the software development of your team.

IT monitoring

Keep a watch on technological progress and learn about the progress of research in different disciplines.

Acculturation with AI

Prepare your students for the use of AI in their future professions.

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Data gathering

Participate in the growth of research by sharing the data from your work with your students.
Transparent and secure collection ….